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Locally based author, music critic and poet Ben Graham has spent the last two years compiling the defininitve history of Texan acid rock and psychedelic music. Recognised as pioneers, the Texan scene was way ahead of San Francisco or London, with The 13th Floor Elevators – more on them later – being the first band to  [read more…]

Atlas Wynd played the BIMM stage on Saturday 5th September at Together The People festival in Preston Park. The band members are Harry and Peter. Hello Atlas Wynd, who are you and what do you do? PETER: I’m Peter, I’m the singer and I play guitar. HARRY: I’m Harry and I play drums. Nice to  [read more…]

Braids are practically begging to become more than a cult concern in this country and are a band that deserve greater attention than they are currently getting. Beautiful first album Native Speaker was a dream pop record with some wonderful embellishments and was good enough to make the shortlist of 10 for 2011 Polaris Music  [read more…]

Fresh out of Wales, Peasant’s King are rapidly becoming the country’s better sounding exports along with Catfish And The Bottlemen and Funeral For A Friend. With their unmistakable blend of indie-pop and Celtic influences, it’s hard to deny their appeal to a wide range of audiences. Brighton Noise caught up with Danni Lafrombé (vocals) and  [read more…]

As self-fulfilling prophecies go, Status Quo‘s name has proved something of a double-edged sword. Over the past forty-odd years they’ve become part of the comfy furniture of British cultural life, to be wheeled out for charity telethons or Lottery show appearances between their annual head-banging processions around the nation’s arenas and conference centres. But this  [read more…]

Further to our piece about Strange Cages last week, we turn to Manchester based, The Tapestry, who supported by Strange Cages play The Joker on Friday 23 October. Melissa Svensen caught up with them recently. What initially made you want to make music? Liam: From the moment I learnt a few chords I just loved  [read more…]

The presence of Lutine in our top tips for 2015 came at the end of a year that saw them quietly position themselves as one of Brighton’s most original live acts, featuring on bills as diverse as Stephen O’ Malley and Eliza Shaddad. Note our use of “quietly”; as much a feature of Lutine live  [read more…]

Gritty psychlove band Strange Cages have been a big presence in Brighton and beyond lately. Brighton Noise caught up with singer Charlie to talk wine, the press and, erm, music. Hello Charlie, how are you?  I’m just dandy. There’s a spring in my step, I’m filled with hope and joy; everything’s definitely going to be  [read more…]

with Tony Njoku and Ottermatic - 7:30pm Thu 20th Aug 2015 @ The Prince Albert
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Brighton mystery-pop quintet The Beautiful Word are no more. A cyst on singer Megan’s vocal cords, its subsequent treatment and her slow slow recovery ended the band. But fear not, every set back is an opportunity, and from the ashes of their ball gowns and glockenspiels rise Bloom. Ahead of their imminent debut gig, Brighton  [read more…]

Its been a while since we last heard from The Ordinary Boys, after the split in 2008. Frontman Samuel Preston, simply referred to as Preston, has had a pretty diverse career since then. From being token indie frontman at the time, to reality TV star back in 2005 most of the world had thought he’d  [read more…]