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Much to our disappointment, Esben and The Witch – the runaway winners of the Brighton Noise release of 2014 for 3rd album A New Nature – left Brighton at the beginning of this year, opting to continue their career in Berlin. A desire to do something new should come as no surprise to their admirers who  [read more…]

7:00pm Fri 27th Feb 2015 @ The Haunt
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In the world of spoken word, George the Poet is becoming synonymous with the genre. His infectious blend of softer beats and calm articulate rap isn’t completely disconnected from his roots as a grime MC. The content is at times incendiary but also real, and some of the more controversial subjects keep this a raw  [read more…]

I chatted to Felix Bushe of Gengahr ahead of their headline show taking place on the 6th October at Komedia. Within the last year or so the indie quartet have turned the heads of many as they’ve begun to make ripples in the music industry. 2015 saw the band play copious shows, put on an  [read more…]

Ashley Slater wakes in a bed made from cake, peels back his liquorice duvet and yawns. After some brief ablutions, he dons an immaculate white linen suit, twirling his candy cane as he struts out of his marshmallow house. With a skip in his step and the sun glinting from his silver, star-shaped shades he  [read more…]

Walk along Brighton’s Upper North Street, and you will come across a coffee shop called Nowhere Man; it’s unmissable with its bright yellow exterior. This is where we meet Matt Marcantonio, frontman of Newcastle-raised, Brighton-based quartet Demob Happy. We ask Matt about: Previous releases. Everything we have released so far has been home-recorded, and released  [read more…]

“On the internet it is so easy to be boring” This presents an ominous challenge, as it’s highly unlikely that you, the reader, is on-line right now… So goes the beginning of the interview with Max from King of Cats. Ostensibly a band, but it’s very much Max’s brainchild. KoC have been bubbling under the emo/indie  [read more…]

It’s deep into autumn now. Brighton is settling into its natural gothic veneer. As Halloween is upon us, we thought we’d invite some local dark and mysterious bands to tell us… What five albums would you take to the Overlook Hotel?   Dog In the Snow Scott Walker – The Drift Of course this is  [read more…]

Alongside our Brighton Label Focus feature on Faux Discx, the label established and run by Cold Pumas’ Dan Reeves, we caught up with the man himself to talk all things bands, labels and Brighton. Why did you start a record label originally? The label was originally set up by me with my friend Tom Harman  [read more…]

It famously takes years of relentless effort and consequential success for a band to break the overseas music scene. However, after just two years as a fully formed group, Brighton’s Time For T have done just that. Beginning life as the solo project of frontman Tiago Saga – who we meet today in a cosy  [read more…]

Field recording artist and composer Simon Whetham has been capturing sound since 2005. Brighton Noise talked to him in anticipation of his show at the Phoenix on 14th of December. For those who don’t know your work, how would you describe what you do? Well, where do I start…? I guess the most simple way  [read more…]