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Words by Chris Kuzmicki and James McLarnon. The singer-songwriter idiom has been round since time immemorial. How to do something a bit different? Well, O. Chapman makes the ballsy move of playing in the GDS bar itself and has the audience sit on the floor. It immediately alleviates the stress of the first set of  [read more…]

From the moment Black Rooster Black Shag walk on stage, it’s clear that they’re a band who know how to perform. Their darkly pristine, yet casually irreverent appearance, combined with their range of slow, moody tracks such as ‘An Hour Ago’, and the all-out energy of songs like ‘Run Baby’, don’t allow the audience to  [read more…]

The ideal way to arrive at a Lutine gig is probably on a horse, preferably one stolen from ‘The Lochmaben Harper’ or another Child Ballad. The path to St Laurence Church is wooded and pitch black – countryside black – and I’m a little spooked and in need a sure-footed animal. It’s a path to  [read more…]

Currently on a UK tour with metal giants Machine Head, Darkest Hour found a spare date on the big venue tour to play a cheeky basement show at Audio. Opening the night were Bleed Again from Lancing. The small but very attentive crowd cheered the band as they came on the stage, with vocalist Jamie  [read more…]

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with Anna Von Hausswolff - 7:00pm Fri 25th Mar 2016 @ Concorde

Apparently the last time Refused played Brighton was in 1998. Odd to think it’s been nearly 20 years since The Shape of Punk to Come came out. Looking about tonight, most of the crowd would have been spending their money on sweets and thinking Mortal Kombat was dangerous at the time. First up is Anna  [read more…]

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Slum Of Legs : Tatty Seaside Town presents
with Jungfrau and Taman Shud - 7:30pm Tue 20th Jan 2015 @ The Prince Albert
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This wasn’t a good night for The Last Chance Dance Band but they did show potential. A real geekish charm surrounded the three-piece melodic indie band, especially in the frontman who had the kind of awkward stage presence and unnatural talk that you are willing on to success. They appeared to have been studying at  [read more…]

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The War On Drugs : One Inch Badge presents
7:00pm Sun 22nd Feb 2015 @ Brighton Dome
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On a wet and cold Sunday evening, around 1800 people made their way to the beautiful Brighton Dome to see a sold out show with one of the most celebrated alternative rock bands of our time. Those who arrived early got a glimpse of the New York based Amen Dunes, employing the same heavy reverb  [read more…]

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Pere Ubu : Melting Vinyl presents:
with TBA - 7:30pm Thu 16th Jul 2015 @ Komedia
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Entering to the support late as a punter can really spoil the set and sometimes a fun-sized show leaves you berating yourself for being late. This was definitely in the later camp, the ten minutes or so we caught of Sweet Williams were mouth-watering. We walked into a sparsely populated Komedia after they had just  [read more…]

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with Tony Njoku and Ottermatic - 7:30pm Thu 20th Aug 2015 @ The Prince Albert
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It has been a year since the band formerly known as The Beautiful Word last set foot on stage, but in that year they’ve not been idle. Now, as Bloom, they have a focus and drive to their sound that is clearly the work of much dedicated rehearsal. Having shed the twee folky vibes of  [read more…]

The audience are still taking their seats during the Wilko Johnson Band‘s support set, but the trio treat us to a solid 45 minutes of tightly-coiled, high-energy rhythm & blues. Despite his well-documented battle with cancer Johnson’s distinctive guitar chops are fully intact, his right arm pumping like a piston on his simultaneous lead and  [read more…]