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It has been 21 years since Liz Phair’s astonishing debut Exile in Guyville arrived, fully formed and knee deep in its own shit-talking. It was an album that documented the world that gave birth to it, the world of the bedroom musician and the musician’s bed. Now, over two decades on, Keel Her’s Rose Keeler-Schäffeler  [read more…]

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Curtis Harding : One Inch Badge presents
with Son Little - 7:30pm Tue 2nd Dec 2014 @ Komedia
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Soul Power by Michigan born, Atlanta based Curtis Harding, may be the finest debut album of 2014 to slip under the radar. The thought that it might not be appearing in any best of year lists is almost as heartbreaking as the songs themselves. Spanning 12 tracks and recorded in just two weeks, the record  [read more…]

Anyone who has seen The Hundredth Anniversary play in and around Brighton will be familiar with their big sound and soaring atmospherics. The band are set to capture more hearts with the release of their debut EP Wreckers, released today via OddBox Records, home of scuzzed out neighbours Tyrannosauras Dead. Wreckers was produced by Rory Attwell,  [read more…]

Only six months into it and Arx already have a pleasantly well-developed mini-album ready for you. What we have here is that tried and tested formula of gospel, blues and garage rock. Fortunately they weave it in a way that is neither overly predictable nor overly American. In fact, it’s the overall Britishness that could  [read more…]

Had an odd experience listening to this. Was listening to Steely Dan, paused them and put ‘Africa’ on. At about 1:40 the guitar kicks in and I was convinced I’d forgotten to stop the previous record. Which speaks volumes about the range of influences and sounds going on in the track. Although it must be  [read more…]

It’s strange to think that Brighton three-piece Esben and The Witch released their debut EP, 33 not much more than half a decade ago, such has been the extent of the roller coaster ride they’ve been on since. The band were hyped to the extreme after the release of second single ‘Marching Song’,and not without reason,  [read more…]

bandcalledMac’s latest release focuses – like the vast majority of posty, mathy, rock music – upon the compositional principal of theme and variation. A riff is played, and is then repeated a whole bunch of times in various states of undress or drama; more drums here, some distortion there, a restrained and prettified version tucked  [read more…]

Brighton two piece Tom Denney and Russell Eke, better known as Soft Arrows, release their follow up to last year’s debut album All Through The Sinew this coming Monday. The band take the old adage, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ in terms of their no haste, no waste recording process – 10 tracks  [read more…]

Balls. I hate it when I need to review an EP like this. It’s too bloody good for a local level band, so I feel like I should be more critical for the sake of it, but I can’t, because Hole In The Sky’s 3 track ‘Phantom Limb’ exists on par with ANY underground metal  [read more…]