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Writhing, heavy, dirty and massive, akin to the creature that gave this band their name, Sub Contra Blues is a record to lose yourself within. Anacondas wear their influences and their experience on their sleeves – brothers Stewart (guitar, main vocal) and James (bass, backing vocals) Hunter are founding members of Johnny Truant and, combined  [read more…]

The Avant-Garde has entered rock ‘n’ roll all over again in the form of Pink Narcissus new 6 track, ‘Blood on the Page’ Beginning abruptly with ‘Victim’, by the 3rd track ‘Orphan Eyes’ it is apparent that the band feed off an incredible amount of influences and creative ideas. They flit effortlessly between sounding like Nirvana  [read more…]

Sea Bastard’s previous self-titled effort was an opus of doom. It set a high standard, not just for the band themselves, but for any band looking to make a contribution to the slow side of metal. Have Sea Bastard fallen short of their own exceptional mark? The answer is an emphatic no. Scabrous feels crafted  [read more…]

To most bands, writing a 9 track, 56 minute album of guitar/drums based progressive rock without vocals or the addition of electronics or extra samples would be a real challenge. For The Deal Was For The Diamond, it seems effortless, as if they breathed and thus the music existed. TDWFTD are musical artisans. Their songs  [read more…]