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Andy WrightI’ve being going to gigs, on and off, ever since college and taking photos pretty much ever since i can remember, but it was only around about 2006 when i got my first SLR i started combining the two seriously. So far i’ve seen over 1000 different bands live and photographed about half of them.

I’ve had numerous photos in print and on band/music websites. I was a finalist in the recent Create In Brighton 2012 competition but got beaten by Simon Brice grrrr :).

You can see all the bands i’ve photographed on my website

Photo/video monkey.

It’s like a compact London by the sea, small enough that you can walk everywhere and the people are so much more friendly and genuine. Obviously the music scene and so many great places to both eat and drink.

Tough one, Brighton’s got so many great smaller venues, even the Engine Rooms and Volks had their own unique charm and the mid sized venues like The Haunt and Concorde 2 are so much more civilized than their London counterparts. Probably The Albert because it’s as well as being a great intimate venue, it seconds as a great conveniently placed drinking hole.

The Prince Albert, The Basketmakers (if you’re hungry, great burgers) and Caroline Of Brunswick (good selection of beer and great alternative jukebox).

Having stupidly turned down seeing an early Jesus And Mary Chain gig a few weeks before, probably because it involved a bus ride, i overcompensated and travelled over 250 miles to see New Model Army on some island hanging off the coast near Colchester. It was so far from civilisation, the last bus left about 5 hours before the gig even started so i ended up having to walk back 10 miles and sleep on the train station :).

There’s been a lot of decent Brighton gigs recently but probably Future Of The Left + Fever Fever @ The Haunt as i’d not seen either band before and either on their own would have been worth many times the entrance fee. FOTL were everything a good live band should be, some really good songs but mainly a great live presence/performance. I also can’t not mention Monotonix @ Volks, even though it was over 2 years ago, i think about the only place they didn’t play in the venue (including outside, the soundman’s desk and on the bar) was actually the stage. I’m not sure i remember any of the songs but the performance was a chaotic tour de force.

Overall probably PJ Harvey (for sheer consistency and quality and not being afraid to continually explore new territory) and The Joy Formidable (new musical direction aside, sheer enthusiasm, hard work, dedication to their fans and the fact that only a few of the 25 odd gigs of theirs i’ve seen have been anything less than brilliant) . After that there’s so many i wouldn’t know where to begin.

Nordic Giants, Esben And The Witch, Blood Red Shoes, Bitter Ruin, Lazer Horse (how can you not like Acoustic Thrash), Negative Pegasus, Abi Wade, Us Baby Bear Bones, pretty much all of Mishkin Fitzgerald’s various bands, but especially Cat Fire Radio.

THEA GILMORE : Melting Vinyl presents: THEA GILMORE + Jo Rose
with Jo Rose - 7:30pm Wed 13th May 2015 @ Komedia
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Fragile Creatures : How Things Work
with Emberhoney, Sealionwomen and Hayley Savage & Mark Benton - 7:30pm Fri 25th Oct 2013 @ Komedia
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Esben & The Witch : Put It On presents
with Teeth Of The Sea and Thought Forms - 7:30pm Sun 13th Oct 2013 @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
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with Esper Scout and Patchwork Natives - 8:00pm Mon 30th Sep 2013 @ The Hope & Ruin
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Pins : Teen Creeps present
with Abjects - 8:00pm Tue 8th Oct 2013 @ The Hope & Ruin
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Future of the Left : Teen Creeps present
with The Wytches and Treasure - 7:00pm Tue 12th Nov 2013 @ The Haunt
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with She Makes War and Emberhoney - 7:30pm Wed 1st May 2013 @ Komedia
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with She Makes War and Emberhoney - 7:30pm Wed 1st May 2013 @ Komedia
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with She Makes War and Emberhoney - 7:30pm Wed 1st May 2013 @ Komedia
Listen now
with She Makes War and Emberhoney - 7:30pm Wed 1st May 2013 @ Komedia
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Nordic Giants : With the Shadow Enigma
with David Ford - 7:30pm Wed 30th Oct 2013 @ Concorde
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