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Strange Cages

14/04/2015 By Kate Crudgington

Strange Cages

Gritty psychlove band Strange Cages have been a big presence in Brighton and beyond lately. Brighton Noise caught up with singer Charlie to talk wine, the press and, erm, music.

Hello Charlie, how are you? 

I’m just dandy. There’s a spring in my step, I’m filled with hope and joy; everything’s definitely going to be alright.

Superb. Strange Cages played at Dials Festival in Southsea recently. How did it go?

We had a great time at Dials Fest! The venue was a burrito place with a music venue upstairs and it was packed for our set, so we were pretty pleased with that! We’re coming back to play the same venue for Strong Island Recording’s Christmas party on 18th December, so that should be fun.

In an interview with The National Student, you said you don’t like to be described as ‘retro’ – why is that?

I don’t really care what we’re described as, as long as we’re not compared to The Strypes.

Fair enough! So, what three adjectives do you think best describe your music?

Raw. Primal. Discombobulating.

You’ve played at several different Brighton venues recently – The Green Door Store, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, and The Hope & Ruin – do you have a favourite local venue?

Sticky’s is a bit like our second home and I do love it dearly. It hosts our favourite night, Late Night Lingerie, which is a club night for bands. We’re playing the Halloween show on Friday 30th October. We’ll be on in the early hours. It’s going to be chaotic.

Your single ‘Pony’ was released in July and received some very complimentary reviews. How do you think you’d react to a bad review?

Honest reviews are better than randomly good reviews, so I wouldn’t mind. However, I think our bass player Elliott would be devastated. I’d have to give him a cuddle.

When advertising your London gig at the Montague Arms in June on social media, you said you’d be doing one of “your favourite things in the world – drinking wine from the early eve”. What’s your favourite grape? Any vintage wines you would recommend? 

What’s a grape? We’d like to strongly suggest Vinerum, which is a wine you can purchase in many off licenses around Brighton. If you’re lucky you can get it for as cheap as £3, which makes it taste all the better.

What bands have you seen/would like to see this year?

I watched Wand last month, and was disappointed they played practically one song off of Golem, which is probably my favourite album of this year. Crows were great at Dials Festival. I’m trying to find some money for a Thee Oh Sees ticket for next month… I’m sure I’ll end up there somehow.

Finally, If you weren’t playing in STRANGE CAGES, what do you think you’d be doing instead?

I’ve always felt a calling towards the traffic inspector side of life, so probably that.

Strange Cages play The Joker, 2 Preston Road, BN1 4QF with The Tapestry, The Art Club and Sons on Friday 23 Oct. Tickets £5 (£3 NUS) on the door, 8pm to 2am. 

Kate Crudgington