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Together The People. Atlas Wynd, Carnival Collective, Deirdre Faegre and Glass City Vice talk to Brighton Noise

25/04/2015 By Cécile Frangi

atlas wyldAtlas Wynd played the BIMM stage on Saturday 5th September at Together The People festival in Preston Park. The band members are Harry and Peter.

Hello Atlas Wynd, who are you and what do you do?

PETER: I’m Peter, I’m the singer and I play guitar.

HARRY: I’m Harry and I play drums.

Nice to meet you. Are you guys from Brighton?

HARRY: No, we’re from a town called Middlesbrough in the northeast of England, and we came to Brighton for Uni. We’re both at BIMM but we knew each other before. We go way back!

PETER: Yeah, we’ve been mates for like ten years, been in bands for the past eight years, but Atlas Wynd have been together for two and a half years.

What are your main influences?

HARRY: Just hard-kick drums for me, I just like energy.

PETER: Yeah, I’d say the same! I’ve got loads of bands that I’m into which are new, very energetic punk bands, like Plague Vendor and Ty Segall, and I listen to loads of psychedelic stuff as well, like the Babe Rainbow who are amazing.

Cool beans. Have you released anything yet?

HARRY: Yeah, we released a single back in June called Mischief March, so we’re kind of coming to the end of a cycle and we have a few interesting things coming up next.

PETER: I don’t know what the next release is going to be, because we have a lot of things we need to plan first before we make any choice, so it’s hard to say when an EP will be on its way.

HARRY: We’re also looking to go a lot more DIY with our next stuff, because the sound of Mischief March was a little too produced for us.

PETER: Yes, we recorded a few demos in Harry’s bedroom and they sounded the best!

Yep, I’m all for home recordings! What’s the best or most memorable gig you’ve played together?

HARRY: Leeds Festival last weekend, we played the Oxfam music tent. That one definitely stands out, because that was where we had our after-GCSEs party. We’d been going the past three years and we weren’t supposed to this year but then we got asked to play, and we had always wanted to but never really thought it was going to happen.

Finally, if you had to recommend just one of your songs, which one would it be?

PETER: Got to be Mischief March.

HARRY: I’m quite partial to Creep.

PETER: Oh yeah, Creep is a good tune as well.

HARRY: It’s one of the first songs we wrote and a couple years later we’re still pretty set on it, it’s one of these old ones.

Find out more about Atlas Wynd on their website:


carnival collectiveCarnival Collective played the main stage at Together The People festival in Preston Park on Saturday 5th September. I had the pleasure to interview one member, Kate, who plays snare drum.

Hello Kate, nice to meet you! So tell me, how many people form the Carnival Collective?

KATE: Approximately… between 22 and 30. But we don’t always play all together; the minimum we can play with is 18 people.

Impressive! How long have you been playing snare?

KATE: In Carnival Collective, three years. But the band has been together a while, it was our 21st birthday this year!

Wow, happy birthday then! Is everyone in the band from Brighton?

KATE: Well, there are a few people from London and a few living in the Worthing area but we’re mostly based in Brighton.

How did you join the Collective?

KATE: They had a drumming workshop to recruit new talents – like a six week course – and if they liked you then they’d ask you to try out with the main band. But they don’t always do it this way; if you know somebody who’s got skills and is interested, then you can let them join as a friend.

It must take a lot of organisation to practice with so many musicians. How do you do it?

KATE: We rehearse at the Brighthelm Centre once a week and we have structured practices with a leader who’s responsible for musical direction during the rehearsals, a conductor if you like.

That’s right, I saw him on stage. Do you guys have an EP or album I can listen to?

KATE: Yes, we have released an album called Another Thing. We recorded it at Brighton Electric.

Cool, can you recommend one song you particularly like from this album?

KATE: I really like Tru Playerz, that’s my personal favourite!

I’ll listen to it. How would you describe your music?

KATE: We like to refer to ourselves as a drum and bass orchestra.

Last but not least: what was your biggest or most memorable gig since you joined the Collective?

KATE: The band plays Glastonbury every year, but I haven’t played there yet. My favourite gig was… it’s hard to choose, because we do intimate gigs, like weddings, and also big festivals, this one was quite a big stage actually… hmm, maybe one I played last year, Secret Garden Party, that was a great gig.

Find out more about Carnival Collective on their website:


deirdreDeirdre Faegre played the Folklore Stage at Together The People festival in Preston Park on Saturday 5th September, and was kind enough to give me a bit of her time for an interview.

Hey Deirdre! First of all, where are you from?

DEIRDRE: I am from Los Angeles, California, and I came to Brighton about nine months ago.

What took you to England?

DEIRDRE: I have so many idols from England, so I always had this urge to live here and pursue my musical dream. Originally I moved to London, but then I discovered Brighton!

How long have you been playing music?

DEIRDRE: Since I was 11, so that’s 10 years. I sing and play guitar, piano and dulcimer.

Who are your main influences?

DEIRDRE: Joni Mitchell is a huge influence on me, but as I said I also love English artists such as Lucy Rose, Rae Morris and Laura Marling.

Do you have an EP or album I can listen to?

DEIRDRE: I have an EP coming out, it should be ready by the end of October. It’s my first one!

Exciting! Do you have a title for it yet?

DEIRDRE: Hmm… probably You Are, that’s the name of the first song. But I’m not sure yet, it might still change.

Is You Are your favourite song then?

DEIRDRE: Yeah I guess so, because when you’re having a bad day and you just feel like you’re not good enough or you’re just lonely, it’s one of those uplifting songs that reminds you who you are and that you should love yourself!

Lovely. What’s the most memorable gig you’ve played so far?

DEIRDRE: This one, definitely! It was amazing; I’d never done such a big festival before.



glasscity viceGlass City Vice played the Second Stage at Together The People Festival in Preston Park on Saturday 5th September. I had the pleasure to interview two members, Ed and Dudley.

Hello Glass City Vice! First of all, who’s in the band?

ED: I play the guitar, Dudley plays the bass, Josh is the singer and Lawrie’s the drummer.

Nice to meet you. Are you guys from Brighton?

ED: We’ve been in Brighton for five years now, but we’re all from different places, different parts of London.

How long have you been playing together? Did you meet here through music, or were you already friends before?

DUDLEY: We’ve been playing together for about four and a half years. We met at BIMM, where we were all doing different disciplines on the same music course.

Who are your main influences?

DUDLEY: Nothing too strange or crazy really, to be honest when we write our songs for this band it’s always revolving around the alt-rock area, like Death Cab For Cutie is a huge one for us I guess, Manchester Orchestra as well, and also The National more recently.

Have you always written your own songs or do you also play covers?

ED: Always original stuff.

DUDLEY: It’s a completely collaborative effort. Josh, the singer, will sometimes bring in the framework but it’s really equally split between us.

ED: One of us comes up with an idea and we start working together from there.

Nice. Have you released any EP or album?

ED: We’ve got a single on iTunes and Spotify at the moment.

DUDLEY: Yeah, we self-released it fairly recently, a few months ago. It’s called Landslide.

Do you perform around a lot? What is the most memorable gig you’ve played?

DUDLEY: I think when you start and you’re quite new you do loads of gigs, so we’ve done like four or five tours and played a lot around the country, but for me I reckon Sonosphere was the best one. It’s more like a metal festival, actually. We had a slot on a stage where we were the first band of the day, so a lot of people came to check us out, we must have played to about 700 or 800 people which was really cool for us.

Sounds awesome! What do you think of this one (Together The People)? It’s a brand new festival, first edition.

ED: I think it’s great, really busy.

DUDLEY: Yeah, they’ve done really well today so I’m very happy with that, it’s very family-orientated but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any good music! We’ve got some friends playing on this stage (Second Stage) and on the BIMM one and it’s a very friendly atmosphere, it’s a local festival so you meet lots of mates around.

Do you play music full-time?

ED: No, we all have jobs on the side!

DUDLEY: Some of us do some music-related paid jobs though, like Josh does function bands for weddings, that kind of stuff. But we all work in and out of music in different ways.

If you had to recommend just one of your songs, which one would you pick?

BOTH: Probably Landslide, the single we mentioned earlier. It’s the best representation of where we are at the moment.

Will definitely check it out. Thank you for your time, and enjoy the rest of the festival!

You can find GLASS CITY VICE online on their website