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Sat 11th Jul 2015 @ BLEACH

Headliner: Sealings
Event: Day Two
In support: Hypnotized
+ John Crampton
When: Sat 11th Jul 2015
Time: 2:00pm
Age restriction: 18+
Other info: Event page

Brighton Noise Presents…… DAY TWO

As with DAY ONE, a day of completely local talent selected by us, with all profit going directly to the bands.

£5 OTD

The ‘difficult’ second album.


Dog in the Snow


Ingrid Plum

Eva Bowan

Static Palm

Japanese Sweets

Will Rene


Van Stonholdt

John Crampton

Tasty Mexican food from La Choza, beer garden and nice beers below the venue at Hare and Hounds.




75 London Road, Brighton



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Brighton Noise Presents…. DAY TWO

07/04/2015 By James McLarnon

A full day of some of the swankiest music in Brighton, presented by us. Here’s the plan: have a bunch of bands we like and that you should too (if you don’t already), throw genre out the window, leave pretensions at the door, and have a right laugh. It’s slap-bang in the middle of summer, at the top of the now infamous ‘new Shoreditch’ (that’s London Road to non-Argus readers). Just so you know, they do amazing and cheap Mexican nourishment downstairs and have a wicked beer garden.

Sealings‘ shoegaze influenced gothic noise punk drips with menace. It’s drenched in static and feedback with the occasional creepy guitar lead and zombyfied monotone vocals lending an air of sadistic and casual indifference to proceedings. Single ‘My Boyfriend’s Dead’ received the seal of approval from the highly influential Quietus website; it sounds like a Mogadon ripped Mary Chain. A highly anticipated debut, full-length album is out later in the summer. (JMcL)

Delighted to include longtime Brighton Noise favourites Dog In The Snow in the Day Two line up. Helen Brown’s songwriting finds its own distinctive path among the possibilities of art-pop (or whatever we should call these experiments). Not afraid to be odd, but never showy with it, Dog In The Snow’s quiet, understated openings can turn on a sixpence to become pop gems or, with equal likelihood, harrowing anthems to despair. For something different, check out Brown’s recent involvement in The 405’s covers project where she does, surprisingly/not surprisingly, Alanis Morissette’s ‘Right Through You’, a hybrid that comes out sounding a little like late Carpenters doing 90s chill out. (KStH)

Deservedly regarded as one of finest bands in Brighton’s really quite enormous psychedelia scene, Hypnotized always confound expectation and keep the audience guessing by never playing the same set twice. No matter how many times you may have seen them it’s always exciting, always new, always a smack in the phase. (CK)

I’ve seen Ingrid Plum perform several times, but have absolutely no idea what to expect. Her versatility spans straight-up traditional folk, sung unaccompanied with dazzling accuracy, Yeats poetry put to melodies of her own, through to sound-art improvisation. Described by the Guardian as “starkly beautiful, like arctic tundra”, but as likely to be noisy and difficult. I can’t wait to find out. (KStH)

Eva Bowan’s voice is, frankly, delicious. She can do spooky mermaids sure, and do it great, but then she’ll shift registers, maybe electronically, and something, somehow, like Ella Fitzgerald emerges, crooning silkily over these vast, insistent soundscapes. And what soundscapes. Eva is a field recording artist who’s lugged her gear into your dreams. Seriously.

She’s promised a more industrial set for this gig, so get in on an early chance to hear a new, more rhythmic direction to her work. (KStH)

The shadowy entity known as Static Palm produce post-punk so cold that it could probably be used to counter global warming. Featuring members of Sealings, Boneyards and Claw Marks, we are excited to see them again after impressing us opening up the refurbished Hope and Ruin back in February. Just make sure you wrap up warm. (JMcL)

You’ll recognise Owen from Japanese Sweets as part of those other Brighton Noise favourites Merlin Tonto and Speak Galactic. It shouldn’t come as the biggest surprise that removing the electronics supremo from those outfits leaves us with ambient music that is equal parts beautiful and full of dread. This will be a set to lose yourself in. (JMcL)

Will Rene first came to our attention via his Last Chance Dance Band’s superb Yes, Yes, There Is a Light EP, though he has a wonderful solo back catalogue on Bandcamp stretching back some seven years and demonstrating his knack for memorable melodies, thoughtful lyrics and accomplished backing band. We are yet to catch him solo, can only imagine that he will be spellbinding. (JMcL)

Everyone likes fluffy animals, drinking, and Ray Liotta, so why don’t more bands write lots of hyper-catchy songs about them? Well, apparently Ottermatic have done exactly that, with more to spare. Undoubtedly the South East’s finest aquatic mammal themed indiepop band. Perfect Saturday summer music to provide an excuse for afternoon drinking! (CK)

Even within the context of a scene as varied as ours Van Stonholdt, he is close to unique. His 21st Century Problems EP, was created in true bedroom pop tradition with a £20 microphone. We’re not sure whether most recent track ‘Bubblewrap’ had the same restrictions, but it continued his flair for multifaceted psych-pop gems, like Brighton’s answer to early Ariel Pink. (JMcL)

A one-man blues act, John Crampton uses a pedal simulating a kick drum to keep time. The guitar is all over the place in a good way, close your eyes and imagine two or three of them. Handclaps and harmonicas are well in the mix as well as the throaty singing well associated with the blues style. His devilish energy means you can’t divert your eyes for a second from this breathtakingly raw act. (JMcL)

Brighton Noise


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