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Julia Holter
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Julia Holter
Mon 9th Nov 2015 @ Komedia

Headliner: Julia Holter
When: Mon 9th Nov 2015
Time: 7:30pm
Age restriction: 18+
Other info: Event page

Los Angeles-based composer/multi-instrumentalist Julia Holter blurs the boundaries between indie music, modern composition, and electronic music in her own work as well as her collaborations; she returns to Brighton with a new album (out via Domino)

Julia Holter is one of the most spell-binding talents making music today. She released her first album, Tragedy, in 2011; a second album Ekstasis, followed in 2012. Holter’s 2013 release, Loud City Song, received widespread critical acclaim and is both a continuation and a furthering of the fiercely singular and focused vision displayed by its predecessors, taking as it does Holter’s rare gift for merging high concept, compositional prowess and experimentation with pop sensibility, and applying it to a set of even more daringly beautiful arrangements and emotionally resonant songs.

Holter’s artistic process is a ceaseless outpouring. She often conceives, writes and records material intended for numerous records at once – recalling and remoulding various strands of ideas and inspiration as the remarkably vivid worlds and the detailed narratives her records conjure come into focus over time.

“Both pristine and deranged, Julia Holter drapes herself in mystery and transforms herself when she takes to the stage.” – The Guardian ****

“Music that’s both haunting and life-affirming, something to make you dream and think.” – Pitchfork

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44-47 Gardner Street


T: 01273 647100

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Julia Holter & Support @ Komedia 09/11/2015

24/04/2015 By James McLarnon

Perhaps it’s jumping the gun to consider this only marginally past the half way mark, but it’s hard to see many better shouts than Julia Holter for the artist of the decade. She slowly gathered attention in the US underground with 2011’s impressive if a little primitive Tragedy, and 2012’s Ektasis which cleverly improved upon the debut’s prior bedroom pop/classical tendencies. Both records featured highly in this scribe’s favourite records of their respective years.

2013 saw a move out of the shadows and onto Domino Records – home to ‘independent’ world heavyweights such as Animal Collective, Arctic Monkeys and Wild Beasts – and the release of her first masterpiece and modern classic Loud City Song which won Wire Magazine’s album of the year in 2013. The breadth of composition on Loud City Song is staggering; from the panoramic vistas of ‘Maxim’s I’ or ‘City Appearing’ to the chamber-pop charm of ‘In The Green Wild’ or the brass led urgency of ‘Horns Surrounding Me’. It was no accident that this clearer, more concise, yet wider ranging artistic vision arrived the first time Holter had the chance to go into the studio with her own band. The deserved increased exposure was instrumental in bringing her to the attention of a larger worldwide audience.

The two new songs released so far from her forthcoming Have You In My Wilderness LP continue the remarkable quality control. ‘Feel You’ comes complete with the cutest video featuring an adorable dog, and in it Holter continues to develop her own way of expressing her considerable pop flair in tighter, shorter, catchier songs. ‘Sea Calls Me Home’, as if to prove the point takes a song first released before her debut album, removes anything extraneous, cleans up the sound and chucks it out there, complete with skronking sax solo. It’s probably the best thing she’s done to date.

Holter’s previous visit to Brighton in 2013 still inspires gushing reports from this writer – it truly was one of the highlights of that year, it can surely only be a matter of time before an artist with such a big talent and unique vision breaks out into bigger venues internationally.

James McLarnon

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