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Christopher Owens
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Christopher Owens
Sat 28th Nov 2015 @ Various Brighton venues

Headliner: Christopher Owens
In support: Josh T Peartson
+ Neko Case
+ Chelsea Wolfe
+ Le Galaxie
When: Sat 28th Nov 2015
Time: 1:00pm
Age restriction: 18+
Other info: Event page

Mutations is an inner city festival in Brighton, England born out of last years DRILL:BRIGHTON festival.

Wire’s touring project moving onto the next urban sonic assault, co-curators One Inch Badge decided the time was right for a forward thinking, artist lead festival that would be static to Brighton annually on the last weekend of November.

Mutations is a creative mass of genre hybrids and expression, delivering some of the most inspiring, creative and interesting music the world has to offer; highlights include aggressive noise pioneers LIGHTNING BOLT, Canadian noise rockers METZ, experimental House producer JOHN TALABOT, infamous Texan singer-songwriter JOSH T PEARSON, legendary Doom stalwarts OM, the viciously experimental CHELSEA WOLFE, and breakthrough electronica act TOURIST, all performing alongside a host of other national and international acts.

Spanning two days and nights on the 28th and 29th November with an incredibly intimate capacity of just 1,000, Mutations is a real music lovers event. Alongside all of this incredible music you can also expect pop-up record fairs, poster art exhibitions, photography and more. Designed around the most exciting and pivotal venues in Brighton, the structure of Mutations is such that as the day progresses the stage numbers decrease while the venue capacities increase, reducing potential clashes and meaning constant music from doors open until festival close. Brighton is really a city of two halves, Brighton & Hove as it’s known, with that in mind the venues on Saturday 28th November will be predominately in Hove while the venues on Sunday 29th November will be predominately in Brighton. We really hope that you enjoy this inaugural edition of Mutations and find your new favourite band on route to seeing some of your all-time favourites.

Various Brighton venues

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Mutations Festival @ Various Venues 28&29/11/2015

25/04/2015 By James McLarnon

mutationsNice to see One Inch Badge following Drill last year, with another very serious looking music festival, designed to appeal to a very different crowd from their Together The People shindig.  With some secret acts to be announced the bill is already wide ranging. Noise rock from Metz and Lightning Bolt, different shades of electro from John Talabot and Blanck Mass, singer/songwritery gear from Josh T Pearson and Neko Case, doom metal from Om and Sea Bastard, kraut from Merlin Tonto and Jane Weaver as well as an excellent selection of new kids on the block such as Vision Fortune, Ought and Kagoule.

See below for our tips for the weekend (in chronological order)


BRNS @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar 1530-1615

Nature Channel  @ Old Market 1600-1630

Le Galaxie @ Sticky Mikes 1630-1715

Neko Case @ All Saints Church 1745 – 1845

Chelsea Wolfe @ Old Market 1815-1915

Abi Wade @ All Saints Church 1915-1945

Josh T Pearson @ All Saints Church 2000-2100


Wild Cat Strike @ The Hope and Ruin 1315-1345

Vision Fortune @ The Hope and Ruin 1400-1445

Merlin Tonto @ Prince Albert 1400-1430

Dan Friel @ The Hope and Ruin 1500-1530

Ought @ Green Door Store  1545-1630

Sea Bastard @ The Haunt 1600-1645

Blanck Mass @ The Haunt 1700-1800

Om @ The Haunt 1815- 1915

Jane Weaver @ Patterns 1830-1915

Lightning Bolt @ Concorde 2 2000-2100

Metz @ 2115-2215

John Talabot B2B Leon Vynehall @ 2330-0100