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Thu 17th Oct 2013 @ The Hope & Ruin

Headliner: Islet
Event: Love The Neighbour presents
In support: Hypnotized
When: Thu 17th Oct 2013
Time: 8:00pm
Age restriction: 18+
Other info: Event page

“The return of south Wales’ utterly wild, cosmic, nature-attuned four-piece Islet is enormously welcome news.”
Pitchfork, May 2013

Be Nothing & Love Thy Neighbour are excited to team up to bring the almighty Islet to town. The fearless Welsh band are set to release their new album, Released By The Movement, this autumn, on Shape Records. This is an ambitiously explorative work, an intense and immersive follow up to last year’s widely celebrated debut LP Illuminated People.

Islet reinvent themselves with every song, playing each others instruments, drumming over drums and splashing sonic colours over each others parts. Each member is malleable, switching instruments and approach to better serve the emotional tone of each track.

This recording draws heavily on the intensity and energy of Islet playing together as a band. Their often unpredictable live shows incorporate elements of hallucinatory ceremony and performance art and this is evident in this album. Their naturally experimental approach and their own unique inner logic has created these nine unworldly jams, a window into their own unorthodox world.

The Hope & Ruin



11-12 Queen's Road


T: 01273 325793

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17/04/2013 By James McLarnon

IsletIslet are one of the best bands currently around on this fair isle of ours, not that you’d know it from their almost non-existent profile. Hailing from Cardiff and formed in 2009 from the ashes of the long forgotten Victorian English Gentleman’s Club , attack and defend and Them Squirrels they are an underground band in the true spirit of the word eschewing press attention and big labels in favour of releasing records & spreading their music through their accomplished, attention grabbing & rare live performances. This is a band prepared to let you come to them safe in the knowledge that you’ll stick around.

As is often the case, my discovering of Islet was a chance encounter, at Bestival 2011, mid afternoon on one of the smaller stages, coming between 2010’s well received EP’s ‘Celebrate This Place‘ & ‘Wimmy’ & 2012’s impressive debut full length ‘Illuminated People.’ Their wild abandon, tribal drumming, screeching nursery synths & shamanic gang vocals reminded me of a more ramshackle, less testosterone fuelled version of LA noise rock titans HEALTH or a noisier, slightly less obtuse Deerhoof. The casual instrument swapping confirmed to me that I’d stumbled upon something very special indeed.

2012’s aforementioned ‘Illuminated People’ brought the band to the attention of more people and the critical reception was universally praising of the band’s beguiling ability to compose a record with nods to bands as varied as Can, Explosions In  The Sky, Wire, Tangerine Dream, Pere Ubu & those other hard to categorise Welsh gems, The Super Furry Animals. Just a mere 18 months on from that record, the band will play this show just 10 days after the release of new record ‘Released By The Movement’, one which if the early streams of ‘Tripping Through The Blue Room’ & ‘Triangulation Station‘ are anything to go by will be a similar mix of the wilfully obtuse & ridiculously catchy. Noticeably US indie press giant Pitchfork has got wind of the band so it might be the last chance to see them in such a small venue.

Brighton based promoters Love Thy Neighbour have a habit of pulling these sort of reasonably priced rabbits out of their hat and as always, I would expect 2 relevant & accomplished supports all for a price enough under a tenner to leave you with change for a pint. I very much doubt you’ll regret it.


20/04/2013 By James McLarnon

Islet 2Hypnotized – they can’t be the first to that band name surely – have a really bright future. At their heart I suspect lies a clash of influences that was betrayed by their visual identity. One wears a tremendous robe and plays the sort of guitar licks that I associate with the West Coast stoners on the Not Not Fun roster, another, who seems to handle the majority of the beats, appears to these eyes to be a hip hop kid. The third has that kind of anonymous look beloved of the boys from Animal Collective, including the tie-dyed drapes on his table. They play a mainly electronic set that has at its heart a desire to obfuscate beauty, to hypnotise if you like. At times they recall the psychedelic hip hop of Gonjasufi or Flying Lotus, whilst others bring to mind the Gang Gang Dance of St. Dymphna. The final song and set highlight is both uplifting and noisy in the same way as Fuck Buttons “Olympians” is. Their recently released EP Say It is available on a name your price basis on Soundcloud and is an excellent introduction. Also, the dancing coke can is a nice touch, don’t be told otherwise.

Bernholz is the solo moniker of Jez Burns, who with the help of Jim Morrison on drums, delivered a set of Bowie/Numan/Roxy Music influenced dark synth pop. There’s definitely an effort here to present something streamlined and memorable, however, outside the sleek charm of ‘Austerity Boy‘ there was very little else that didn’t require patience from the listener. I suspect they are fairly new to the live arena as there were some minor slips that interrupted the flow of the show. The good news though is all that can be worked on, Jez has a good voice and image for this style of music.

It hits me sometime during an incendiary “Entwined Pines” from Islet’s magnificent debut Illuminated People that they are one of the most fun live bands I’ve seen. During the song’s percussion heavy mid-section one Thomas brother is thumping the Hope’s mirrorball with a drumstick, whilst his sibling is in one of his many up close and personal moments with the crowd. This is despite a late start time meaning the Hope is at best half full as a result, I presume, of last bus/train issues. This is no “scream for me Brighton” fake posturing, these guys and girl absolutely love what they do and have an unshakable belief that you should to. To make the spectacle all the more interesting all four band members indulge in a revolving door of instrument swapping that not once interrupts the flow or quality of the songs. Even the vocal parts appear decided by committee. New album highlights ‘Triangulation Station’ and an especially frantic ‘Carlos’ came across as Deerhoof at their catchiest and, like Deerhoof, seem to have another trick round the corner. ‘What We Did Wrong’ is just about the best moment of the night where they come somewhere close to sounding like super influential krautrock legends Can.

Love Thy Neighbour


Love Thy Neighbour is a collective of music obsessives who promote, release, play, DJ, watch, listen and devour music. We’re based in Brighton, UK. Come to our shows, buy our records and listen to the music we talk about.

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