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P For Persia
Thu 14th Nov 2013 @ The Hope & Ruin

Headliner: P For Persia
Event: Club Zygotic presents
In support: Fat Bicth
When: Thu 14th Nov 2013
Time: 8:15pm
Age restriction: 18+
Other info: Event page

Club Zygotic bi-monthly beano at The Hope Venue involving-

Dj TOM HOUSE (Endless Records)

all the naughty angles you could wish for in a built up area


The Hope & Ruin



11-12 Queen's Road


T: 01273 325793

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P For Persia, Headquarters, Fat Bicth

09/04/2013 By James McLarnon

P+for+Persia+297214_10151105826337361_18025Originally hailing from Eastbourne but now based in Brighton, P for Persia are one of those bands that appear to absolutely rejoice in defying anyone to categorise them. The music sounds futuristic even though Daniel McNally’s guitar work appears to owe a debt to Thurston Moore, as in the free rolling guitar scree of EVOL or Sister. The drumming is frantic, urgent and pounding, much like a technical death metal band with noisy deranged chiptune synths colouring and raging in equal measures. Or at least they are on second album highlight ‘Prehistoric Bubble’. Don’t get too used to it because ‘Dreamboat’ – next up on the excellent Coral Canyon – slows the tempo down, giving the listener the Thurston of underrated, late-career albums Murray Street and Sonic Nurse, with a krauty, jazzy drumming accompaniment and standard piano sounds. It’s music for the Ritalin generation – schizophrenic but catchy – bearing some similarity to Holy Fuck or HEALTH or the unfairly tagged nu-rave Dev Hynes project Test Icicles. New track ‘Uncanny Valley‘, from their new split EP with Speak Galactic, continues the ridiculous genre hopping, going through ambient, thrash metal, punk funk, calypso to a finale that recalls the much missed Cardiacs.

As if that isn’t intriguing enough, their live performances are reminiscent of their Technicolor record sleeves: loud, unhinged, inventive and trippy. They are a band without parallel in the Brighton music scene at the moment, their originality and instinctively fun in nature.It’s quite a spectacle. Expect dancing and instrument swapping galore.

Reminiscent of the pre-internet world, information about Headquarters is pretty thin on the ground bar some videos on YouTube from Hectors House in 2011. This means they may not be anything like the masked five-piece band that sound like the Black Lips playing the good bits from Load/Reload era Metallica present on those videos. If they do, they should be a blast.

I still have the T-Shirt to prove that I enjoyed my last encounter with Fat Bicth live back in 2011 on a misplaced support to the then newly electronic Mi Ami at the Green Door Store. Even at that early stage of development their non-image was perfect for their nuts and bolts alt-rock. Newer material continues their penchant for inventive rhythms allied to a detuned twin guitar attack. The instrumental trio is groovy, heavy & undemonstrative in the same vein as ATP house band Shellac. They should be worth getting to the Hope early for.

P for Persia, Fat Bicth & Speak Galactic

19/04/2013 By James McLarnon

PforpersiaA late change saw Headquarters replaced by Speak Galactic, who could easily have headlined the night, having recently shared record space on a split (the extremely worthy Aegis Arctic Alp) with this evening’s headliners. Their lineup has another addition, with new – at least to me – multi-instrumentalist, Alex Painter, joining Jim Morrison (drums) & Owen Thomas (guitar, keys, vox) who started the band originally as a solo venture. Speak Galactic are very much an eyes closed/ears open kind of band as aside from Morrison’s precise, energetic & inventive drumming, there isn’t a great deal going on visually, however, musically they have an enveloping sound that would appeal to fans of Panda Bear. Some parts drift along recalling Cluster or Tangerine Dream but then for every dreamy passage we are treated to a glam-like stomp. These guys hypnotise & groove in equal measure.

This evening’s show from Fat Bicth was in fact their last ever and as such had the part celebratory, part commiserative air of a wake. Therefore, anything less than praise for their ambitious aim of playing all their recorded output from formation in 2008 to present day would be churlish. There was much to like about them, the twin guitars rage in a post hardcore style close to those of those of fellow disbanded Brighton groups Johnny Truant & Charlottefield, whilst the drummer’s innocuous appearance belies the fact he is an absolute dynamo. However, there comes a point in this 24 song marathon where the rigid adherence to a specific template which over a 30 minute set could be thrilling became tiresome. Keep an eye out for their future endeavors; undoubtedly all 3 are talented musicians.

P for Persia are a very visual band, so much so it’s pretty difficult to know where to put your eyes. Is it guitarist/vocalist and showman Daniel McNally whose manic yet graceful and theatric stage movements have him working up a sweat from the first minute of the show? Or could it be the frantic, pounding and precise drumming of babyfaced Luke Smith? Well for me this evening it was actually Alex Porter’s set up of electronic trickery and attempting to figure out what is making those game boy gone haywire, DJ Scotch Egg-esque sounds. The music is a fantastically varied array of sounds with closer and set highlight ‘Uncanny Valley’, perhaps the most barmy track of them all, demonstrating their instantly likeable desire to innovate and investigate different styles, time signatures & sounds. The whole package, visually appealing whilst musically inventive leads me more than once to compare them to Tim Smith’s cult art/experimental rock outfit Cardiacs. That’s not a comparison I would use lightly.

Words: James McLarnon

Club Zygotic


Club Zygotic is the promotions arm of the Zygote Collective Musicians Co-operative based in Brighton……..we put on events encompassing extreme noise, free jazz, “out-core” electronica, and experimental/improv….. through punk, post punk and avant-folk ……to poetry, spoken word and performance art….. a no pretensions DIY ethic with a love for what we do…… always interested in new stuff email or

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