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Sun 8th Dec 2013 @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

Headliner: Sealings
Event: Tatty Seaside Town presents
In support: Shudder Pulps
When: Sun 8th Dec 2013
Time: 8:00pm
Age restriction: 18+
Other info: Event page

WITCHING WAVES – 8.15 – 8.45
KEEL HER – 9.00 – 9.30
SHUDDER PULPS – 9.45 – 10.15
SEALINGS – 10.30 – 11.00

Sticky Mike's Frog Bar


9-12 Middle Street


T: 01273 749465



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Sealings, Shudder Pulps and Keel Her

03/04/2013 By James McLarnon

SealingsThe ironically named Sealings – alongside Negative Pegasus and Cold Pumas – have for some time been at the forefront of Brighton’s noisy post punk scene. Active since the latter part of the last decade they have released a succession of ultra limited edition demos, EPs and a mini album on buzz-making imprints such as Italian Beach Babes and Too Pure. This has enabled them to garner an ever increasing level of underground chatter both locally and nationally as they’ve gone by. They have an air of malevolence around their records and live performance that distinguishes them from their peers. Their Psycocandy influenced gothic noise punk drips with menace; it’s drenched in static and feedback with the occasional creepy guitar lead and zombyfied monotone vocals lending an air of sadistic and casual indifference to proceedings. To complete the spooky feel the drummer dons a skeleton mask as he punches out his Jurassic-age rhythms in the live arena. Recently released single ‘My Boyfriend’s Dead‘ received the seal of approval from the highly influential Quietus website, it sounds like a mogadon ripped Mary Chain and is genuinely unsettling over its four-minute run time.

Shudder Pulps have made quite a name for themselves in a relatively short space of time. They started gigging around the summer of 2011 but fast forward to present day and they have just finished recording their debut album with hot property producer MJ of UK psych rock band Hookworms. Recently released debut EP Housebound demonstrates in three tracks their knack for delivering snappy lo-fi anthems bearing spiritual similarities to Guided By Voices but not unlike No Age, from current crop lo-fi American rock music. Doubtless they will be playing new tracks from a debut album that is sure to bring them to a wider national attention, having already received 6 Music airplay from Tom Ravenscroft.

Keel HerApproved of by lo-fi legend R.Stevie Moore , Keel Her – the nom de guerre of Brighton’s Rose Keeler-Schäffeler – has that West Coast stoner girl vibe epitomised by Best Coast or Bleached. 2012’s ‘Riot Grrrl‘ single is an absolutely stunning version of this style perfected, that any artist existing in this field would be justifiably proud of. Metronomic percussion, shimmering guitar lines and obscured yet melodic vocals combine to make a song which is somehow both urgent and lazy at the same time, a cracking trick to pull off. More recently released track ‘Don’t Look At Me‘ proves that this penchant for an incredibly memorable song is no fluke.

Openers Witching Waves are the newest band on the bill, they will be celebrating the release of their first tape (remember them?) in the same week as the show. They are a lo-fi male/female two piece that should appeal to fans of the other bands on bill.

If my experience of Tatty Seaside Town promoted bills is anything to go by, it should be worth getting down to Sticky Mike’s early to catch the full bill and with entry at a measly £4 in advance or £5 on the door, this gig will be offering immense rewards at an extremely reasonable price.

Sealings, Shudder Pulps, Keel Her and Witching Waves

12/04/2013 By James McLarnon

SealingsTheirs is the kind of exit I’m particularly fond of; Brighton three piece Sealings leave the stage being applauded rapturously by the assembled 30-40 devotees as the volume of the feedback emanating from the end of the last track render the crowd’s effort to be heard a forlorn one. Sealings saunter off the stage casually; seemingly oblivious to the maelstrom of noise they leave in their wake, after having fought their respective instruments for the last 25 minutes. At present they have two distinct types of song, there are the Dirty Beaches-meets-‘You Made Me Realise‘-esque thrashy proto-shoegaze workouts and longer, dronier, sampler led affairs. Without wishing to put a very effective drummer out of a gig, it’s the latter that were the more attention-grabbing. One particularly huge-sounding song of this type kicks in after some mountainous guitar noise created during the resolution of a technical difficulty and the other being closer and set highlight ‘My Boyfriend’s Dead‘. There isn’t much in the way of melody here and the vocals are a zombified monotone drawl, for those reasons they are likely to remain a niche act. However, as and when they get a debut full-length album released, look out for them to make some waves in the underground nationally, they’re really good at this sort of thing.

Shudder Pulps have promise, their set felt slightly unbalanced but the highlights were excellent. They took a little while to get going, due in part to some sound gremlins rendering the bass counter-productively high in the mix but also to the fact that the final two tracks are the best songs they play. They’re clearly strong musicians as these final songs demonstrate, one driven by two elongated, spiky guitar lines and the other finishing with an almost At The Drive-In like hectic conclusion. Even if all the pieces aren’t in place yet, these guys are definitely one to watch for the future.

Keel Her were definitely the nicest band on the bill, a fleshed out five piece lending an endearingly naive c86 flavour to their basic rhythms, melodic guitars and verse/chorus song structures. The songs rattle by at a fair old rate, however, it all seems a little one-paced, meaning attention wanders during the latter half of their set. The highlight is principal songwriter and synth player/vocalist Rose Keeler-Schäffeler. Her psychedelic keys and uplifting vocal melodies keep things interesting; despite the fact they both appear to get a little lost in the mix. Final track – possibly called ‘Never See Anyone’ – is hopefully a window to the future; it has a more widescreen feel to it than the other material and is catchy, courtesy of a verse that seems like a chorus and a chorus that definitely is one.

Witching Waves appear to be at an early stage of their development and have plenty to work out. The assembled souls who got to Sticky Mike’s early were treated to a drums and guitar two piece playing minimalist, scratchy post punk. As befits a new band, they appear to lack experience in the live arena and the stop-start nature of proceedings means that they find it very difficult to gather momentum. A song dedicated to recent tour buddies Shudder Pulps impresses with a twin vocal approach and they appeared a little more comfortable later in the set when the two members swapped instruments. A cover of ‘Satisfaction’ seemed a mightily incongruous addition to the set.