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Fri 27th Jun 2014 @ The Cowley Club

Headliner: Housewives
Event: Club Zygotic presents
In support: I'm Being Good
When: Fri 27th Jun 2014
Time: 8:00pm
Age restriction: 18+
Other info: Event page

The Cowley Club


12 London Road

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17/04/2014 By James McLarnon

Housewives The always “out there” local promoters Club Zygotic bring the mysterious Housewives to Brighton as part of a fundraiser for local radio station Brighton and Hove Community Radio (home to Brighton Noise favourite Sonic Shuffle). A Brighton connection is that Housewives released their debut EP at the tail end of last year on ultra-cool local record label Faux Discs, run by Dan Reeves of  Cold Pumas and The Soft Walls.

Housewives are somewhat typical of Faux Discs’ recent output: post-punky in aesthetic, their debut EP contains decidedly lo-fi excursions in occasionally melodic noise, not dissimilar to This Heat or a really obtuse Liars around the time of their 2004 misunderstood masterpiece They Were Wrong So We Drowned. They are deliberately difficult; monotone vocals, virtually zero internet presence, tough to Housewives artworkgoogle and their debut EP was released on cassette – though it did come with a download code. For those up to date with Faux Disc’s recent output, fellow London drone-rockers Vision Fortune, who released the excellent Mas Fiestas con el grupo Vision Fortune last year, are a good comparison point and it was no surprise to discover that band’s Alex Peru handled production duties on Housewives.

Their self-titled debut EP is a really promising affair. Opener ‘Poppy’ is anything but; it’s industrial opening giving way to some Pop Group-esque weirdly memorable post-punk. ‘In Camera’ sounds like Women’s ‘Lawncare’ performed by This Heat. The first three  tracks rattle past in little over nine mind-expanding and ever so head scratching minutes. The final two tracks on the EP see their jagged, menacing sound expanded into longer songs, ‘Almost Anything’ slows things down – with the rhythm the same pace as the disembodied, monotone vocals – it sounds like a slow moving train, not dissimilar to The Jesus Lizard. Closer ‘62426’ is the highlight of the record; an almighty bass throb providing the backbone to guitar work out of the playbook of Sightings or The Dead C. They seem like a band that will excel live but bring some ear-plugs. Given the record’s focus on harsh sonics it’ll probably be a loud one.

Club Zygotic


Club Zygotic is the promotions arm of the Zygote Collective Musicians Co-operative based in Brighton……..we put on events encompassing extreme noise, free jazz, “out-core” electronica, and experimental/improv….. through punk, post punk and avant-folk ……to poetry, spoken word and performance art….. a no pretensions DIY ethic with a love for what we do…… always interested in new stuff email or

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