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Factory Floor
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Factory Floor
Sat 17th May 2014 @ Coalition

Headliner: Factory Floor
Event: One Inch Badge presents
In support: Drohne
When: Sat 17th May 2014
Time: 7:00pm
Age restriction: 14+
Other info: Event page



171-181 King's Road Arches


T: 01273 772842



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Factory Floor, Drohne & AK/DK

06/04/2014 By James McLarnon

Factory FloorSomewhat bizarrely for a band that specializes in live performances with Gatwick Airport runway-like decibel readings, Factory Floor, despite the occasional wave of press interest over their nine year existence have preferred to shun the hype in an attempt to let their art do the talking. It’s a laudable aim because their post-industrial techno sound, multi-gendered set up and relationship with DFA Records appear primed for a wider level of acceptance.

They debuted with the skeletal, Joy Division worship of their ‘Bipolar’ single in 2008, with their other 2008 release Post Is Here’s industrial backbone subsequently showing that their scope was well beyond being Factory Records copyists. The excitement from the industrial crowd increased further on hearing 2009’s Talking on Cliffs EP, a series of bleak electronic sketches, betraying significant influence from Throbbing Gristle and Coil. Although the band managed to get noticed; it wasn’t until the release of double A side “Lying / A Wooden Box” at the tail end of 2010 that the 3-piece – Gabriel Gurnsey on live drums and drum machines, Dominic Butler playing modular synths and electronics and Nik Colk Void on vocals, guitars and samples – found their voice. That single’s urgent pulse and simple two note keyboard motifs was enough to attract the attention of New Order/ Joy Division drummer Stephen Morris and Throbbing Gristle’s Chris Carter who agreed to remix the tracks. It also signaled their move toward the dance-floor with gigs becoming less beard stroky affairs and more deafening warehouse raves.

FF liveAside from the sublime ‘Two Different Ways,’ a single as danceable as it is disorientating, nothing was heard from the band until last year’s self-titled debut album. It was a record that confirmed that Factory Floor were a full on techno collective, albeit a techno collective prone to interesting percussion and fond of a disembodied vocal. The record’s crowning glory and one of lasts years’ best tracks ‘Fall Back’ is typical of their approach. A crisp, steady kick drum and shuddering synth line gradually builds, to be joined by a claps and hi-hat fills to a point where a monumental groove is achieved and ridden.  The last 2 minutes or so of the track are sheer hedonism.

Support comes in the form of Drohne an electronic duo, who if single “Sample Pictures” is anything to go by sound a little like the headliners if they’d spent their formative years gorging on Aphex Twin rather than Throbbing Gristle. Opening the show will be Brighton Noise favourites, local synth and drum punks AK/DK, whose soon to be released Synth + Noise + Drums + Space will likely be both accurately monikered and also rather good.

One Inch Badge


Founded by Alex Murray, One Inch Badge (or OIB it’s also known) is an independently minded music collective based in Brighton. Disheartened by the lack of support the true Brighton scene was receiving at the time, OIB Records launched as a label that focused on the artist and did justice to the innovation and creativity of the underground.

While One Inch Badge Records has expanded beyond its original parameters, releasing records for acclaimed international artists as well as less established acts, they remain dedicated to supporting the local scene that built and inspired them. This is particularly evident in the April 2011 released 18 track compilation ‘Sea Monsters’ which is a comprehensive 18 track compilation of the most crucial bands out of Brighton right now.

The One Inch Badge collective are also active and prominent local promoters on the Brighton scene, recently promoting Brighton shows for MF DOOM; Wire; Venetian Snares; Sage Francis; Nina Nastasia; Why?; KRS-One; 65daysofstatic; Health; Wolf Parade; Vashti Bunyan; Pains of Being Pure at Heart; Liars; and many more.

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