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Ben Frost
Mon 10th Nov 2014 @ The Haunt

Headliner: Ben Frost
Event: Love The Neighbour presents
In support: Drill Folly
When: Mon 10th Nov 2014
Time: 7:00pm
Age restriction: 14+
Other info: Event page

The Haunt


10 Pool Valley





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Ben Frost – The Haunt 10 November

20/04/2014 By James McLarnon

ben frostA U R O R A, this year’s release by Australian born but Iceland residing composer/producer Ben Frost isn’t just a career highlight, it feels like the logical conclusion of all his work to date. Active since 2001, it was 2007’s Theory of Machines and 2009’s and By The Throat that started to bring his beautifully textured mix of post-rock and noise to worldwide attention, drawing favourable comparisons with the likes of Coil. Unfortunately, when the tour for the latter album came to Brighton in June 2010, the much loved but ultimately doomed Free Butt venue had a strict noise-limiter fitted, which meant a frequently brutal sounding, dense and loud live act was frustrated and emasculated.

The long wait since has only made the desire to catch his act at its best even greater, and the normally reliably powerful sound system at The Haunt should present no such barriers. Frost’s act has developed in the meantime with his tightly packed synth work, drones, loops and samples now augmented by Swans percussionist Thor Harris and ex-Liturgy drummer Greg Fox. Make no mistake, the sound emerging from the stage will be physically powerful. However, a macho noise fest this won’t be, A U R O R A contains plenty of quieter, emotionally resonant moments that should provide sufficient light and shade to make this show an absolute treat.

In support is Drill Folly, the industrial/drone/ noise project of Sarah Phelan, who we last caught delivering a mightily impressive set in support of Wolf Eyes back in August. Her emotive, other-worldly soundscapes veer between the beautiful and the brutal, meaning her slot should fit very nicely with the headliner.


Love Thy Neighbour


Love Thy Neighbour is a collective of music obsessives who promote, release, play, DJ, watch, listen and devour music. We’re based in Brighton, UK. Come to our shows, buy our records and listen to the music we talk about.

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13/04/2014 By Agata Urbaniak

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13/04/2014 By Agata Urbaniak