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Sat 7th Feb 2015 @ The Green Door Store

Headliner: DAY ONE
In support: See below for artists
When: Sat 7th Feb 2015
Time: 1:30pm
Other info: Event page

The Green Door Store


Goods Yard, Brighton Station



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Day One feat AK/DK, Bad For Lazarus, Blue Spectre, Merlin Tonto and more @ Green Door Store 07/02/2015

27/04/2015 By James McLarnon

Day oneWe are super excited to present Day One, the first in what we hope will become a series of all dayers, featuring the best of Brighton’s musical talent. Entry is a mere £5 for nine bands, with all  money raised in the event going directly to the bands. Have a listen to our mix featuring the bands’ music and read about them below.

Day One Mix by James M on Mixcloud



AK/DK are Ed and Graham, two synth playing drummers whose rhythmical racket has borne comparison with Factory Floor, Dan Deacon, Raymond Scott, Can, Boredoms and Battles. Though their debut album Synth + Drums + Noise + Space released last year showcased both their versatility and danceability, it only tells half the story of this talented duo. The other half is their desire to improvise live, which saw them excel as “sound carriers” for ex-Can frontman Damo Suzuki and something they have continued incorporating into their set. They are one of the best supported and most fun to see bands in Brighton. We suspect the two are linked.

Brighton is in some danger of reaching garage rock saturation with an avalanche of outfits forming recently, seemingly in thrall to the West Coast sound of Thee Oh Sees or Ty Segall Band. It’s no bad thing, but as a sound it’s very easy to be average and very hard to be excellent. Step forward Bad For Lazarus, who’s main man Rich Fownes seems to have been perfecting this sound since his days taking over from Andy Huxley in the sadly defunct Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster. Bad For Lazarus feels like some sort of logical conclusion for Fownes, last years album Life’s A Carnival Bang Bang was packed full of honed, short, catchy, psych/garage gems.

It’s so refreshing to catch a sound that goes against the grain of current trends, as happened to us when we caught Blue Spectre doing their thing at Fitzherberts last year. They mix krautrock like song structures with crystal clear surf guitars in an experience that seems designed to get your feet moving. The icing on the cake are some crazy space noises that seem designed to be the countdown to take off.


Merlin Tonto

Merlin Tonto’s debut mini-album Tano Dragon was heavily supported here, leading to it coming fourth in our favourite releases of 2014. We reckon these guys are one of Brighton’s very best kept secrets. Live they specialise in mixing clinical metronomic beats with synth wizardry as if it were motorik night at The Ministry of Sound. They never fail to engross a crowd and there’s no reason to believe this will be any different.

Winners of the Brighton Noise readers’ tips for 2015 poll were Prince Vaseline. We can understand why, they’re one of those old fashioned bands that write actual songs, featuring real verses and big choruses and they’re bloody good at it. Never ones to get stuck in one particular mood, they remind us of those culty outfits like British Sea Power or Art Brut, beloved by their fans but perhaps a little too versatile for real mainstream appeal.

Being in The Emperors of Ice Cream looks a ton of fun, there don’t appear to be many rules in the band. They play a ragged, punkish indie-pop with scattershot rhythms and infectious melodies to add to their chaotic live show. They don’t seem to be particularly inhibited by genre, with moments reminiscent of Public Image Limited and others of U2 when Bono could walk through a door without having to arrange for the frame to be removed first.


Rooster Cole

We were all in a band at school weren’t we? Some of these bands actually existed outside of our own heads, some of these bands played a gig and some of those bands might have even written their own songs. None of these bands were as good as the ridiculously precocious Grasshopper. They’ve released two EPs of mature, moody post-punk which bear some comparison with Interpol before they’d sat their GCSEs. They are experienced performers live and have a star in frontman Javi who has a bit of the Bowie about him.

It’s impossible to talk about Rooster Cole without mentioning Nick Cave. The voice and the sound have an echo of the great man. How can that be a bad thing? This is Nick Cave, God amongst men. We’d imagine for one Rooster Cole doing it well, lie the carcasses of thousands of outfits that have taken Cave on and lost. Bold and brilliant.

Opening this fine event will be The Creaking Chair, ostensibly the solo project of Andrew A C cooper, who is flanked live by drums and extra guitar. We love him, as demonstrated by this being his third show for us in little over a year. His voice has that whimsy of Robert Wyatt allied to music that veers between distinctly British folk and psych rock with the odd dash of electronica. This set will be well worth arriving early for.

Words: James McLarnon
Photos: Simon Brice and Agata Urbaniak


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