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Darkest Hour @ Brighton Audio – 8/12/14

15/04/2016 By Makky Hall

Currently on a UK tour with metal giants Machine Head, Darkest Hour found a spare date on the big venue tour to play a cheeky basement show at Audio.

Opening the night were Bleed Again from Lancing. The small but very attentive crowd cheered the band as they came on the stage, with vocalist Jamie Dawson egging people to come closer and to get involved. Great attitude from the five-piece, smashing through their set with confidence, bringing the chunky riffs and causing peoples heads to bang and a small mosh pit to form. Bleed Again say they will be back here in March, I recommend that metal heads should come down to support them when they do.

King Leviathan were up next, the Brighton thrash metallers took to the stage with a very scruffy look, black smudges on their arms and black crosses painted across their faces. Sadly the crowd had thinned out a little, nonetheless those still watching responded well. Frontman Adam Sedgwick also tried getting more people to come forward, this time with a bit of banter, chiding those standing at the back with the full encouragement from the crowd at the front. It didn’t seem to work too well, but points for trying. King Leviathan will be supporting UK metal favourites Malefice here :

Finally Darkest Hour took to the stage, considering the size of the band and the rarity of such a band to playing so tiny a venue, I was surprised by how small the crowd was, about 50 people max, quite the contrast from the previous couple of nights in London to a couple of hundred people. The small but very excited crowd erupted as the Washington melodic metallers came out to have some fun the audience, starting with the opening track ‘Wasteland’ from their new self-titled album. They were heavy, very heavy, so much headbanging at the barrier. The band looked like they really enjoy the intimate atmosphere, high fiving people at the front and playing right in their faces. Moshing, shouting and pure energy flowed from start to finish. Even the melodies sounded incredible as members of the audience mimicked guitar solo’s. Chants for classic track ‘Doomsayer’ were responded with them performing it later in the set with other popular songs like ‘The Sadist Nation’ and ‘With A Thousand Words To Say But One’ to finish of their set nicely. A fantastic night of metal, a great opportunity for local acts to support a band as big as Darkest Hour, Excellent performances all round, once again I highly recommend checking out both Bleed again and King Leviathan, I expect to see a lot more from both in 2015. It is very unlikely that Darkest Hour will return to play a tiny show like this again, and whoever did attend witnessed something special.