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Fat Cat Christmas Party: Mazes, Traams and PAWS

30/04/2013 By James McLarnon

mazesBrighton based label Fat Cat Records hosted a late night party with three bands currently making waves in the British alt-rock scene at the Green Door Store in the week before Christmas. Brighton – as can normally be relied upon – came out in force and were rewarded with three performances of the highest quality.

In what seemed at the time an attempt to ensure that even the worker bees had a chance to see the most nationally-popular band of the evening, Mazes emerged first to a respectably full venue – considering the completely miserable weather – around 11:30. They played a very similar set to the one they have been touring this year in support of their underrated second album Ores and Minerals, albeit with a couple of tracks included from their more recently released Better Ghosts EP.

Perhaps it was their role as de facto openers, or a slight end of term feel after clocking up over 100 shows this year, but their technically proficient set seems to fall a little flat in comparison to the rest of the evening. Take ‘Bodies’, the opening track of the gig and their most recent record, which creeps along with its Neu! like percussion and minimal, Wire-esque ‘less is more’ guitar parts before breaking into a Television style guitar lead to end. On record, it served as a break from their previous material and an intriguing entry point to an album of different sounds, live it just seems to outstay its welcome a tad, especially considering this is a late night, party crowd. Unusually, for me, it was the shorter, catchier, punkier numbers that seemed to come across better this evening with ‘Dan Higgs Particle’s’ blink and you’ll miss it Lungfishisms, the Pavement indebted ‘Bowie Knives’ and outstanding punk-kraut closer ‘Skulking‘ in particular coming across well. The band are remarkab

ly well practiced with the rhythm section in particular standing out and it appears that vocalist Jack Cooper has been quietly improving since the last time we saw them at the Prince Albert at the start of this year.


Traams appeared to learn the lesson of Mazes’ slightly hesitant display, even though it was their second performance of the evening, having supported Toy at The Bermuda Triangle earlier in the night. They absolutely tore through their set which centred on this year’s marvelous Grin album, in a fashion that marked this out as the best performance from them in around half a dozen over the course of the year. The entire set had a celebratory feel about it, the main room now close to full with luminaries from Brighton-based bands seemingly everywhere, a good natured but lively mosh pit and even an outbreak of crowd surfing. It was no more than Traams earned, with a post-hardcore zeal in their delivery of already minor classics ‘Fibbist’ and ‘Flowers.’ The moment of the evening came from the seamless transition from the anthemic burst of ‘Flowers’ to the bass heavy, krauty, Women-esque  ‘Klaus’. Confidence is clearly high in this band at the moment and whilst vocalist and guitarist Stu Hopkins remains the star of the show the rhythm section, who have tended to shun the limelight in the past, were equally demanding of the audience’s attention. 2013 has been deservedly kind to Traams, 2014 could well be even kinder.

This meant it was left to PAWS to close the night to a significantly reduced but far from derisory crowd. It was almost immediately clear that those remaining had made an excellent decision in staying for the Scottish three piece. They were urgent, catchy and immediate – their most memorable track ‘Jellyfish’ has a chorus reminiscent of Sum 41 but rocked out like Vancouvan party-starters Japandroids. It’s a formula they repeated with excellent results, merging a keen pop punk-like ear for a melody within a more traditionally grungy aesthetic. It’s the type of thing you think is commonplace and technically undemanding, when in reality it’s rare to come across a group doing it as well as PAWS.

Mazes : FatCat Xmas Club
with Traams and PAWS - 11:00pm Wed 18th Dec 2013 @ The Green Door Store
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