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Mugstar, Jungfrau, Vincent Vocoder Voice and Fvnerals

02/04/2014 By James McLarnon

Mugstar in action

This truly was one of those nights that affirms your faith in the brilliance of live music. Consider if you will that it costs nearly £10 to go to the cinema or £25+ to see the mighty Brighton & Hove Albion at the Amex. What we had here was a bill with headliners who are masters of their craft and three local supports providing first hand evidence of the amazing health the Brighton music scene is in at the moment, all for six pounds.


Tiffany of Fvnerals

Fvnerals’ opening set surpassed the expectations that their impressive recorded material had generated and the positive reactions of the excellent early turnout was testament to this. The four piece are excellent at a musical delayed gratification, with their tracks building from quiet and inauspicious sounding beginnings to magnificent crescendos. With their ethereal yet spooky tunes they are close to Esben and The Witch or Portishead, without being a facsimile of either. Vocalist Tiffany is a star in the making, her voice soars and croons in equal measure and her stage presence perfectly suits the mood of the music, nervously cradling herself with plenty of 1,000 yard stares.


Vincent Vocoder Voice

Vincent Vocoder Voice’s self titled debut album snuck out at the end of last year to a ripple of critical acclaim and a laughable assassination from teenage virgin bible Kerrang! The point that all reviews agreed on is that this is definitely a project that is interested in experimentation. With that in mind it was no surprise that this extended to the band, as well as Mr Vocoder Voice, who concealed their identity – with varying levels of success – using masks, balaclavas and face-paint. Perhaps it was due to a lack of familiarity with the source material but it appeared that they received a slightly more muted response than the other bands. However, when they connected such as on “The Unbearable Heaviness of Having” – which sounds like an emo Cardiacs –  and its memorable refrain of “Are we just sucking in fibre, blowing out shit” – it showed how fearless and promising this four piece is.


Hannah Grasskamp of Jungfrau

Jungfrau, like Fvnerals, are far more accomplished a live outfit than they are on record. Their EP1 tape suggested a droney, semi-ambient affair, when the truth is that they are a female fronted heavy rock machine bearing similarities to those Sabbath influenced 80s bands like Candlemass or St. Vitus. Their front-woman Hannah Grasskamp demands attention, red wine drinklng and trench coat wearing with a powerful voice that perfectly matches the music. The rhythm section, fundamental to this genre, don’t put a foot wrong, laying down the slow groove foundation for some wonderfully inventive, not traditionally “rock” style guitar. In particular, Luke Dunston’s use of a slide was unmistakable, imaginative and memorable.


The headliners Mugstar

Quite frankly it’s scandalous that after 11 years and countless releases Mugstar were playing to a basement room of 100 or so devotees. Not that it seems to bother the band; they show all the hallmarks of a settled line up who produce the music they enjoy making without pretense. It’s psychedelic rock but you could make a genuine case for them appealing to fans of their current tour mates Mogwai, early Spiritualized or current UK psych-de-jour sensations Hookworms. Their’s is a confident performance that at times verges on telepathic with the four piece – consisting of bass of thunder, guitar hero, guitar/keys/vocal maestro and an awe-inspiring drummer – in absolute harmony with each other. Noticeably louder than what had been before they pull off the trick of being rhythmically punishing, whilst melodically hypnotising.

In a bout of modesty halfway through the set they needlessly introduce an untitled song that they are playing out for the first time, asking the crowd for any suggestions on song titles. The reaction of the room suggests that “you fucking nailed it” would have been appropriate. The Scouse titans play for a full hour with the late finish – 11:30pm – meaning the room had noticeably emptied. It didn’t bother me, I would quite happily have had another hour, and I have a feeling Mugstar would have quite happily played it. Simply put, it was astonishing stuff.

Pictures: Agata Urbaniak

Mugstar : SMFB presents
with Jungfrau, Vincent Vocoder Voice and Fvnerals - 8:00pm Wed 29th Jan 2014 @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
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