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Trans Am, Gum Takes Tooth and Ak/DK @ Green Door Store 11/11/2014

16/04/2014 By James McLarnon

20141111233248It really is a wonder, the access to music that we all have in this modern, post-internet, Spotify world. It’s not unreasonable to expect a new generation of genre mutating bands mixing Trout Mask Replica with E2-E4 or Marcus Garvey with Master of Puppets. Music informed by the past for the future. Trans Am were this kind of band, genuinely before their time, post-rock before that term came to mean what it does; a band full of the history of rock music in all its guises, seeking different ways to use it.

The changing moods of most recent album Volume X provided the bedrock of this set and demonstrated the magnificent job that record has done of surmising the moods of their career to date. Their polar opposites are demonstrated by two highlights. ‘I’ll Never’ is as close as they get to a ballad, a vocoder-voiced paean to robot love that manages to be both playful and affecting with a simple melody and schmaltzy lyrics. ‘Backlash’ brings to mind Bay Area thrash metal with its thunderous drumming and its frantic scales-speeded-up solo.

Watching drummer Seb Thomson is the highlight of the show, a combination of power, poise and control. He even manages to perform complex running repairs on his high-hat mid song without missing a beat. It’s his fills that stand out when they visit the slower, doom 20141111221428rock territory of ‘Anthropocene’ as well as the more mid-paced, synth led, vocoder rock of ‘Megastorm’ or ‘I Want It All’. A constantly engaged audience suggested it would be worth their while not leaving it 12 years before their next visit.

In support Gum Takes Tooth is what happens when you give two metallers 2C-Bs, expose them to the best of the history of recorded electronic music and give them the keys to the synth/sampler workshop. A two-piece with a drummer who gets more intricate and forceful throughout the show, and an electronics/vocals/dancing man. Their first track was misleading; a monopaced,  techno(ish) workout that doesn’t really go anywhere. It did however, serve to highlight the ferocity and purpose of that which followed it. Rumbling thunder drums – those things were miked up loud – synth washes at punishing volumes that at times veer into noise territory, and shamanic obfuscated vocals. There were moments that recalled HEALTH, but truthfully these guys are 20141111211040doing something of their own.

Is it even possible to not have a good time watching AK/DK? Unfortunately our arrival was a little late and the party was in full swing and it was clear that Brighton turned out early for one of the best local bands. Their two-man, loads of synths, two drum kits and other toys remains a joy to watch and their relentless enthusiasm alone would probably be sufficient. But the songs are great. If perhaps they could descend into jam band territory in their early days, they’ve refined their tracks to a point where they are sharp, punchy and relentless. Their last track uses a hitherto unseen analogue box of tricks, gets an electronic beat going, which created a mood akin to a voodoo game of space invaders before a booming bass driven wig out ends proceedings.

Words: James McLarnon
Pictures: Agata Urbaniak

Trans Am : Tatty Seaside Town presents
with Gum Takes Tooth and AK/DK - 7:30pm Tue 11th Nov 2014 @ The Green Door Store
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