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Brighton Label Focus: Faux Discx

23/04/2014 By James McLarnon

Faux DiscxFaux Discx is an independent record label based in Brighton, run by Dan Reeves of excellent, noisy, post-punk outfits Cold Pumas and The Soft Walls.

The label’s first release was in January 2006 and has since released records by local, national and international names including This Town Needs Guns, Male Bonding, Cold Pumas, Women, Sauna Youth, Hookworms, Vision Fortune, Androgynous Mind and Friendo. Around mid-2009 the label began to specialise in a minimalist, lo-fi trade-off between melody and noise that to these ears is constantly reminiscent of the work of one of the most underrated bands of the last ten years; namely the sadly defunct Canadian geniuses Women.

The label continues to release regularly, most recently March’s superb 12” Where Dull Care Is Forgotten by Tense Men, a project involving members of Cold Pumas, Sauna Youth and Omni Palone. Next up is a Record Store Day compilation release, limited to 300 and named Collective Hiss, featuring plenty of local action from Sealings, Occult Hand, Shudder Pulps, Royal Limp, Soft Walls and Cold Pumas.

Here we pick five of our favourite Faux Discx releases to date.

Cold Pumas – Persistent Malaise (FAUX 019)

Released jointly with Italian Beach Babes and Gringo records. Persistent Malaise’s icy mix of post-punk dissonance flies close to Neu!, Joy Division and Women without ever feeling unoriginal. It delights in the build of noise and atmosphere through repetition and Ian Curtis-like detached vocals. Surely, one of the best albums released by a Brighton-based band in the recent past.

Recommended track – Fog Cutter

Hookworms – Hookworms (FAUX 015)

Co-released with Gringo Records. Whilst subsequent LP Pearl Mystic won deserved praise last year, some fans of the Leeds based psych-rockers credit this Faux Discx release as the band’s high point so far, for being closer to the band’s live fury. Loop, Spacemen 3 and krautrock are all touch-points of this record’s bad-trip psychedelia but what separates it from the crowd are the excellent, buried-but-intelligible vocals courtesy of frontman and keyboard wizard MJ.

Recommended track – Teen Dreams

Androgynous Mind – Nightstalker (FAUX 026)

Debut 7” release from Women vocalist Patrick Flegel’s new project. The first side starts with a couple of short aggressive lo-fi post-hardcore tunes, like Flegel was trying to exorcise the demons of his previous band’s unfortunate split. Side closer ‘Knock on my Door’ sounds like a distraught take on Women or the Velvets having a breakdown, haunting and beautiful. The second side is a wonderful Sonic Youth-esque guitar workout.

Recommended track – Knock on My Door

Vision Fortune – Mes Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune (FAUX 021)

Vision Fortune is a band perfect for Faux Discx, this record being perfect proof. It’s a continuous piece of enrapturing, addictive post-punk and ambient drone. The ‘tracks’ are delineated by apparently arbitrary roman numerals. Guitars mutate, voices warp in an alienating, psychedelic masterpiece that is remarkably ambitious for a debut album.

Recommended track – XIV

Housewives – Housewives (FAUX 027)

Housewives are somewhat typical of Faux Discx recent output: post-punky in aesthetic, their debut EP contains decidedly lo-fi excursions in occasionally melodic noise, not dissimilar to This Heat or a really obtuse Liars around the time of their 2004 misunderstood masterpiece They Were Wrong So We Drowned. They are deliberately difficult: monotone vocals, virtually zero internet presence, tough to Google and released on cassette. This is a really promising debut release.

Recommended Track – 62426


Don’t forget to check out our interview with Dan himself, and keep your ear to the ground for future Faux Discx releases.