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Atten-SHUN! Drill Festival Announced

17/04/2014 By James McLarnon

Drill FestivalGO ON – take a look at that bill to the right. Further proof, if it were needed that Brighton continues to punch well above its weight with regards to our flourishing music scene. Drill Festival has been organised by One Inch Badge and legendary post-punk band Wire, who, in conjunction with The Quietus, wowed London with a similar concept last year. It’s taking place between December 4 to December 7 so get those holiday requests in now folks!

As it’s a multi- venue festival the following venues will be in use Concorde 2, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, The Old Market, Sallis Benney Theatre, The Haunt, All Saints Church, St Bartholomew’s Church, Audio, Komedia, The Basement, Bleach, Green Door Store, The Prince Albert and The Hope. An excellent mix of sizes, we’re sure you’ll agree.

The initial line-up announcement features headline performances from three bands who would cause quite a stir on their own.

Responsible for three of the highest quality and progressive albums released by any band during the punk era, minimal but fiery debut Pink Flag as well as the incalculably influential Chairs Missing and 154, Wire fitted more in their their first period of activity – 1976 to 1980 – than most bands do in decades. Never ones to release music for the sake of it, the band have split twice from 81-85 and again 92-99, only to return reinvigorated and utterly essential. Most recent album Change Becomes Us is clearly one of the strongest of their career and this writer can attest that recent live performances have been a perfect combination of fire and beauty. One of the great British bands.

It’s almost become something of a cliché to refer to Swans as one of the best live bands in the world, but in all honesty they just are. A Swans live show is felt and experienced, as well as heard. They are quite unlike any other band out there, taking their audience on a intimate journey, often ferocious, occasionally beautiful, and orchestrated by one of the most watchable, brilliant frontmen around, Michael Gira. They have a back catalogue to die for: from the beastly noise of 1983’s debut Filth, through the stone cold goth/industrial classic Children of God, to the astounding post rock textures of 1996’s Soundtracks For The Blind. Splitting in 1997, with Gira feeling that the band’s reputation as the “loudest band on the planet” was holding them back, they reactivated in 2010. Their two most recent records – 2012’s The Seer and this year’s To Be Kind – are the culmination of a life’s work and two of the strongest albums released by anyone this decade.

Savages are the kind of band you had lost faith were forming any more. Since making their live debut in early 2012 – at the Haunt supporting British Sea Power, fact fans – they’ve been on a single minded ambition to bring us music delightfully informed by the great British bands of the last 30 years, embellished with their own unique twist. Live, they are a force of nature, a superbly oiled band, helmed by the daren’t-take-your-eyes-off-her vocalist Jenny Beth. Debut album Silence Yourself wowed critics and punters alike last year with its noisy yet catchy and beautifully constructed post-punk, showing them to be the natural inheritors to Sleater-Kinney as best all-girl band in the world. Recently they displayed the same iconoclastic streak as their more heralded co-headliners, releasing a collaborative album with bonkers Anglo-Japanese psychedelic rock outfit Bo Ningen.

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Otherwise they go on sale Friday for £60 + bf