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Bloom launch kickstarter for recording of debut album

29/04/2016 By James McLarnon

Bloom 1Anyone who has followed the story of Bloom (formerly The Beautiful Word) over the last two years can’t fail to have had their hearts warmed. After releasing three albums of well received folky-pop, The Beautiful Word were sadly put out of action in August 2014, whilst co-vocalist and synth player Megan was recovering from an operation to remove a vocal cyst that could potentially have stopped her singing permanently.

In August 2015 they returned with a new name, a new contemporary sound and a brand new songbook and played the Prince Albert in an utterly triumphant comeback show. They have gigged fairly frequently since, including our Christmas Party at The Hope last month.

In keeping with their time as The Beautiful Word, the band remain a totally D.I.Y entity and to that end are looking to fund their new record  via a kickstarter appeal. We can’t think of anyone more deserving of the opportunity to record. Please check the video below out for the full lowdown.

Words: James McLarnon