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Teen Creeps, Perch, Porridge Radio & The Cosmic Sadness @ Sticky Mike's 24/03/2016

23/04/2016 By James McLarnon

TCWe’ll eat our hats if Teen Creeps aren’t named after the No Age song of the same name as they traverse the same furiously hard yet ridiculously catchy punk/shoegaze world as the Sub Pop signed American two-piece. Their first EP, released in 2014 vividly recalls Dinosaur Jr. non-urgent but big choruses, mammoth hooks and lead guitar mayhem. Last year’s split with Mind Rays, is a further stage on, with the improved production allowing beautiful sounding guitar to dominate and improved songwriting not allowing a second of tape to be wasted.

Equally noticeable about this gig is the strength of the supporting cast. Perch are formed from the ashes of local faves Fat Bicth, thought it seems that their genesis predates that project. Given Fat Bicth’s recent breakup, it seems Perch will be the foremost collective for Chris Mitchell’s talent for creating inventive, dynamically interesting noise-rock. The two small previews on his recently created indicate that he may have lost some of the intentionally difficult nature of his music for something altogether more inclusive. This may be the birth of something big.

Porridge Radio and The Cosmic Sadness had ex- NME and Melody Maker journo of legend Everett True proclaiming them as’ The Greatest Band in The World’ based on 30 seconds of performance. Think what 30 minutes will be like.

James McLarnon

Teen Creeps : Brighton Noise & Imitation Parties Present
with Perch, Porridge Radio & The Cosmic Sadness and West America - 7:30pm Thu 24th Mar 2016 @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
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