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KRAK KRAK, Broker and Mister Lizard @ Prince Albert 24/04/2016

24/04/2016 By Chris Kuzmiski

Krak KrakYou could argue it’s not the best journalistic rigour, or even a little arrogant considering we are putting the gig on, but we couldn’t give a shit. This is going to be the best line-up Brighton sees this year.

KRAK KRAK, a band whose name alone is a signifier of total destruction, madness personified. Fuck off noise rock with mechanised cult deprogramming riffs. David Koresh wouldn’t approve, but he’d be pink with envy.

Broker, another band name that puts its cards on the table, are all the wonderful things you associate with the power trio. Namely POWER, zero flab, indoctrinated tightness, laser focus. Too metal for the pricks, too heavy for everyone else. Their loss.

Mister Lizard, mark our words, will become this city’s heir apparent to Converge one day. Gonzo mentalist vocalist, ten riffs per second, and a preternatural control of noise! Probably a bit too rowdy for the passive, too-cool Brighton crowd but hey, sorts the wheat from the chaff.

Speaking of which, The Albert is pretty small. Ask yourself, are you are going to stand around thinking you are cool? Well fucking stay at home.

Krak Krak : Brighton Noise Presents......
with Broker, Mister Lizard and Moodhoover - 8:00pm Sun 24th Apr 2016 @ The Prince Albert
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