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Girl Band

26/04/2014 By James McLarnon

girl bandYou can make a pretty convincing case for this rock music lark no longer being a young man’s game. The current critical darlings like The Bad Seeds, Swans, My Bloody Valentine and Radiohead all have decades of experience to call upon. Young bands have such a raw deal, it’s surprising that they bother – viewed with suspicion for coming out of nowhere, financially unstable without the credibility tainting association of a major label and unable to sell enough copies of their material to survive in this world of streaming and illegal downloading. Considering all this makes the brilliance Girl Band all the more special, if slightly illogical.

They specialize in a form of alternative rock that takes queues from all four of the previously named luminaries – Swans grinding battery, Cave’s shamanic preacher man act, Kevin Shields guitar witchcraft & Radiohead’s ear to the sounds of the dance-floor.  As if to prove how up to date and relevant they are, their set closer is a faithful rendition of the Blawan techno blowout “Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage.” Recent single ‘Lawman’ continues to be intriguingly dance-floor informed, with a techno-esque militaristic drum stomp anchoring some ferocious noise-rock.

The Irish four piece has already played Brighton a couple of times this year. Firstly back in mid-January, they brightened up the darkest of months with an accomplished and disturbingly loud show at the Green Door Store which gained praise from both The Argus & The Guardian. More recently they were in town at the Haunt courtesy of the NME at The Great Escape. The Prince Albert will be the next venue to feel the force of Girl Band’s act.