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Danger Music


Danger Music is a promotions company putting on local shows in Brighton. Set up in August 2011 things are pretty damn new and exiting. As we are all in bands we know what you want from a promoter!

We aim to pay every band that plays a show for us but as we are just starting out and money is tight we also offer other incentives such as:

+ Reviews in local publications,
+ Free live photography from the gig,
+ Local exposure and promotion,
+ A feature on the ‘New Music Review’ (YouTube Channel),
+ A recommendation for a spot on the monthly ‘NME Presents’ gigs in Brighton,
+ Small riders,
+ Lodging if needed,
+ Cheap drinks,
+ Free entry to future gigs we put on.

We work to benefit the bands, not ourselves so if you want a gig in Brighton please get in touch.

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