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Hole In The Sky – Phantom Limb

25/04/2013 By Anthony Giles

HOLE IN THE SKYBalls. I hate it when I need to review an EP like this. It’s too bloody good for a local level band, so I feel like I should be more critical for the sake of it, but I can’t, because Hole In The Sky’s 3 track ‘Phantom Limb’ exists on par with ANY underground metal release of modern times.

It rips. It roars. It grinds. It assaults. It demands your attention; taking a solid base in Swedish Death Metal style structure, riffery and production values, executed with a progressive and layered approach – whilst at the same time remaining just outright heavy. The core ideas are well considered, written by those that know. For fans of Death Metal from Death to At The Gates to The Black Dahlia Murder alike, this is not new or ground breaking, but is as good as any, and more enjoyable than most. Keeping it to 3 tracks was a good move too: short and to the point, avoiding becoming repetitive – the downfall of many records of this ilk.

Split pitch screams are gravelly and raw, like the Hell they express, provided by Ian ‘Monty’ Montgomery, also of Sea Bastard and Headface. The latter also share a drummer here in the form of Sam Chase, who deftly wields his sticks to create dynamic thunder. However, it is the crafted guitar parts that make this EP what it is, choppy yet fluid, with grime and blood in equal measure.

Overall, worth every penny. Especially considering its available as ‘pay what you like’. No reason not to buy it then, and play it loud enough to tear your own hole in the sky.

Hole In The Sky ‘Phantom Limb’ is available now from the band, from: