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The Hundredth Anniversary – 'Wreckers'

17/04/2014 By Nick Jarrett

the hundredth anniversaryAnyone who has seen The Hundredth Anniversary play in and around Brighton will be familiar with their big sound and soaring atmospherics. The band are set to capture more hearts with the release of their debut EP Wreckers, released today via OddBox Records, home of scuzzed out neighbours Tyrannosauras Dead. Wreckers was produced by Rory Attwell, a man who has produced more bands than had hot dinners and whose touch of gold brings out the warm colours in The Hundredth Anniversary’s rich, vivid shoegaze sound.

Single ‘It Becomes Us’ feels like a natural culmination to 2013 single ‘The Jump‘, combining the same hazy beauty with a more restless, fidgety side. It works well, as a booming drumbeat and Eleanor Rudge’s earnest vocals are scrawled over scratched yet shimmering guitars. The band take our hand and lead us into a crooked waltz of a chorus as Rudge laments that “death becomes one of us”. As we are reminded to “breathe in” the song is broken down to be rebuilt as a house of cards; fragile and full of wonder. This theme persists throughout the EP, the dreamy kaleidoscopic nature of Rudge’s voice is a conductor for the expansive and cavernous sound. ‘A Daze’ combines the layered intensity with troubled minimalism – it is that place on the edge of your dreams that threatens to trouble and disturb. As it builds to a cacophony of introspection you teeter over the edge, wrapped in musical cellophane.

EP closer ‘The Den’ is arguably the highlight, cultivating imagery of a warm, hidden place as the basslines and vocals team up and invite you to get lost deep within their sumptuous and soothing notes. We are led to the end by a snaking, interwoven guitar riff that works as a pacesetter, tailing off as the fuzz reaches crescendo in a blissed-out torrent of reflection. The Hundredth Anniversary don’t always scale such heights on Wreckers, but at the end of 19 minutes of brooding, simmering intensity the listener feels as though they have experienced something; a simple truth that can’t be denied.

Wreckers is out now,  with a limited release of 100 CDs you can order online for £5 here.