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Dog In The Snow – Africa

12/04/2014 By Chris Kuzmiski

DITS2Had an odd experience listening to this. Was listening to Steely Dan, paused them and put ‘Africa’ on. At about 1:40 the guitar kicks in and I was convinced I’d forgotten to stop the previous record. Which speaks volumes about the range of influences and sounds going on in the track. Although it must be said. Most of them aren’t cheesy pop/jazz fusion.

In a dizzying display Dog In The Snow throw ethereal pop, world music – a horrible term but it seems to work here – some krauty repetition and mantric vocals and yet make a coherent absorbing whole.

It’s an entirely different place, culture and perhaps world from the industrialised pulse of previous single ‘Factory’. Not that ‘Africa’ is bereft of a tribal thump. There is simply a massive continental shift involved. The lyrics suggest an ambitious journey of catharsis and casting off inhibitions. They evoke the track’s title with quiet reverence.

Hopefully the inevitable album will maintain this standard.